May/June 2024 OFFER 

You contacted me because I have an offer on to develop my portfolio.  I have a special offer available which includes a complimentary two-page website creation when Elementor Advanced plugin and Siteground Hosting are purchased. 

Criteria.  The initial creation is based on my interpretation of your interests, allowing me to visually craft a website that resonates with your vision. I will leave time for minor corrections but any changes are not included as it may change the building frame work so please do decide on the “look’ before I begin. So send me two websites you would like to use as examples for me to refer to

What do you need to do to start?

It is simple.  For me to begin,  you purchase (via the the two images/links below ) both the WordPress Siteground hosting and (Advanced) Elementor build criteria you desire.

I then need your log in details to begin. 

FIrst step 

Before I begin the build I would need you to purchase hosting and `advanced Elementor website builder through our links, and with it you will get a FREE custom landing page and contact page build!

After purchase I’ll need Log in details 

Elementor /Email /Password

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 WP Hosting plan

Second Step

After purchase I’ll need Log in details 

Site ground /Email /Password 

Third Step

After I have access to Log in details, your requirements I can start the free set up and build! I then show you how to organise your site! And it goes LIVE!


Amelia Booking System

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Add events, services, bookings, appointments,

We can Build custom , implement this system into your wordpress site. OR. Pick a demo site that looks closest to your industry. You can browse them as users would browse your WordPress site. Check out the appointment booking form where you can schedule appointments and see the Amelia experience through your users’ eyes.



Allied Health professionals


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A payment gateway with Amelia Booking System

Welcome to a simpler and more powerful e-commerce platform that is going to make your life easier. 

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