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Gut Bio Suport

ION* Gut + Microbiome is an all-natural, mineral supplement derived from 60-million-year-old that goes beyond the scope of probiotics to support gut strength, mental clarity and immune function.

Organic grounding sheet

Ground yourself to the Earth during sleep provides the body with multiple hours of uninterrupted Earthing, at a time where we naturally undergo the most healing and regeneration. Using innovative Earthing technology combined with certified organic cotton, the Earthing Sheet transfers free electrons straight from the Earth to you, allowing you to stay grounded while you sleep. Reduce the inflamation in the body and hear about the removal of charge to the body here 

Pilates Socks

Backed by science. Products I used for my now resolved nerve pain


You had asked what i use to clean the studio as it smells so nice. Check this out

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