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Menopause Pilates

Menopause Pilates

Reformer Pilates Finchley Central

Discover the benefits of Pilates for peri-menopause and menopause at our Finchley Central location. Improve core strength, flexibility, and joint mobility while alleviating symptoms like urinary incontinence, pelvic discomfort, and your own personal challenges. Reclaim comfort, confidence, and an enhanced quality of life with our Pilates approach centered around restoring a holistic approach for all levels and ages. 

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Improved Core Strength and Stability

Pilates Reformer classes focus on developing core strength, which is particularly beneficial during peri-menopause and menopause. Hormonal changes during this phase can lead to decreased bone density and muscle mass, making it crucial to maintain a strong core. Better your motivation, find yourself welcoming your next workout with a friendly team of women all striving to similar goals

Enjoy a safe strength training routine designed to accommodate whatever the body may be dealing with on the day working towards promoting balance all around 

Enhanced Flexibility and Joint Mobility

As women age, the natural decrease in estrogen levels can contribute to reduced joint flexibility and stiffness. Pilates Reformer classes incorporate a variety of strengthening, stretching and lengthening exercises that target major muscle groups, improving overall flexibility and joint mobility. This can help counteract the stiffness and muscle tightness associated with peri-menopause and menopause, providing increased range of motion and promoting better overall body function.

Stress Relief and Improved Mood

Peri-menopause and menopause can be accompanied by emotional changes, mood swings, anxiety and increased stress levels. Participating in Pilates Reformer classes offers not only physical benefits but also mental and emotional well-being. The mind-body connection emphasized in Pilates, along with the focus on controlled breathing and mindful movement, helps reduce stress, increase relaxation, and promote an overall sense of well-being. Regular participation in Pilates Reformer classes can help manage mood swings and improve mental clarity during this transformative stage of life.

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In addition to the physical benefits of Pilates Reformer, our class also provides a supportive and welcoming community for women going through menopause. We understand the challenges that menopause can bring, and our instructors are here to provide guidance, support, and encouragement every step of the way.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced student, our Pilates Reformer for Menopause class is the perfect way to stay healthy, active, and strong during this important stage of life. Join us today and experience the benefits of Pilates Reformer for yourself!

I have just finished my 7th session with Heidi, and I have to say it has been a total revelation.
I am someone who has not done much exercise in my life so far, but into my 50s, my body last year told me clearly things needed to change. (Slipped neck disc, fall and ankle sprain, frozen shoulder etc etc etc!) so, I am trying to listen and make necessary changes.
I have been HUGELY impressed with Heidi’s knowledge and wisdom, as well as her compassion and empathy. She is really helping me to approach this journey positively and I’m quite amazed to be working muscles I didn’t know existed! Thanks to Heidi, my body is slowly beginning to feel stronger and more empowered, and I’m looking forward to continuing the journey.